Coaching Career

By Gilbert Hernandez

Career Research

Coaching takes a lot of education. Not only in the sport you're coaching but also as a teacher. If you would want to coach at a school, you would have to work there. Therefor you would be a teacher. Also if you are coaching a team, you would also need experience with the sport. The daily tasks and responsibilities for a coach are providing training direction, encouragement, motivation, and nutritional advice to prepare athletes for games, competitive events, or tours.The job skills for coaching are simple instructing, speaking and management of personnel resources. $35,950 is the average annual wage.

Words from the Coaches.

I asked 2 coaches from East Leyden about what motivates them to come to practice everyday and why they choose to be a coach.

“Coaching is a very fun and rewarding career. It allows me to do something I am very passionate about and revolves in sports.” - Mr. Labriola. I also asked my own coach, about why he wanted to coach us and what motivated him. “I enjoy coaching because it gives me the opportunity to help young men learn about sacrifice, teamwork, toughness, respect and integrity. I wanted to become a coach because I valued the experiences I had as a high school and college athlete and wanted to make a difference in young peoples' development as human beings.” - Coach Jackson

My Future

If I become a coach I would want to coach a Division 1 team. I also WILL be going to a D1 school. I WILL play college football. I would have the experience at the college level then. When I become a coach I would want to teach somewhere in the business department. I like business. I would want to coach my favorite team, Oregon. They have great players and it is a very good program.