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March 6th 2023

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North Medford’s Girls Wrestling are the 6A/5A State Champions! Congratulations!

New High School of Choice

The Medford School District will open a new high school of choice, focused on project-based learning in the 2023-2024 school year. Our new high school of choice is a hopeful, hands-on option for students who thrive in a setting smaller than our current comprehensive high schools.

It will open for limited enrollment this spring for the 2023-2024 school year.

We have acquired a building at 1321 Center Drive to house the school. The building has an open floor plan supportive of project based learning and is in a convenient location, both for transportation purposes and access to local businesses for partnership opportunities. It also has a greenhouse! We hope to be occupying the space in August 2023.

The Board will name the school this spring with a recommendation generated through a collaborative, student-centered process. (If you would like input on the name, please fill out this quick survey!)

The new school will build on the incredible work already being done by Central Medford High School staff and students, but will grow into an option for all students (9-12) and families who desire a new and innovative approach to learning through project focused work.

There will be a website and student/family interest nights coming soon.

Two Way Immersion/Dual Language Program

Did you know the Medford School District offers an English-Spanish Two-Way Immersion/Dual Language program?

This is an opportunity for students to become bilingual and even earn their Biliteracy Seal if they stick with it through high school.

The program is available at Jackson Elementary to incoming Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

In Kindergarten, 90% of the day is taught in Spanish and 10% in English. By 5th grade, students are instructed half in English and half in Spanish.

You can find more information here. Applications to the program will be accepted beginning on April 3rd.

Summer Experience

We have been receiving questions about Summer Experience. Unfortunately, the state has drastically reduced our summer grant funding. Because of this, we do not plan to hold a Summer Experience for 1st - 8th grades in June.

There may be a possibility of a session in July, but it is too soon to tell. We have reached out to the state with questions and will update you as soon as we are able.

For now, we do plan to offer:

  • Summer Credit Retrieval for High School

  • Migrant and TAG Camps

  • Summer Bridge Programs (i.e. Panther Camp, Hornet Camp, Kindergarten Jumpstart)

More information on those to come.

Classified School Employees Week

It’s Classified School Employees Week!

We want to recognize the essential work our Classified employees do in our schools and throughout the Medford School District.

Our Classified staff go above and beyond regularly, keeping students safe, healthy, cared for and ready to learn!

We are thankful for our Classified School Employees and all they do in the MSD!

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ABLE Leadership Nominees

We’ve defined what it means to be a leader in the Medford School District! Take a look at our MSD Leadership Definition here.

You can nominate leaders within the district here.

Highlight - National School Bus Driver Appreciation

In February, we recognized National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

This is Kelly, Bruce and Franklin. They've all been working for First Student for about five months.

We want to thank all of our bus drivers who help transport our students to and from school every day!

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