The Holocaust

How would you fell if you were one of the children in the Holocaust? In this essay you will learn how children were treated during the Holocaust. Children were killed,used as slaves,and placed in concentration camps. Germans killed as many as 1.5 million children in the Holocaust. The most HORRIFIC way that most children died was in a gas chamber.

The fate of children was categorized in different ways Jewish and non-Jewish children were treated horrible or killed during the Holocaust. Some examples of the fate of Jewish and non-Jewish children are killed right after arrival in killing centers,children born in the ghettos, and killed immediately after birth. The 1.5 million children killed included Jews,Romanies,Germans,Polish,and Russians. The Nazis killed the children in the Holocaust because they were unproductive,''useless eaters'',had physical and mental disabilities,and some were Jewish.

All the information in this essay gave you a understanding in how children were being killed,slaves,and put in concentration camps. It is totally unimaginable that 1.5 million children were killed by the Germans in the Holocaust. As you can see, so many children did not get to live their whole life because of the Nazis.