Mental Health Awarness

Argumentative Essay

Thesis Statement

Mental illnesses are a major problem that need to be recognized as medical issues for the sake of those inflicted and those who are healthy.
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A Solution That Now Looks Crazy-The New York Times-By: Richard A. Friedman, M.D.

The article goes over Dr. E. Fuller Torrey's book and explains its pros and cons. It states how a group of psychiatrists wanted a new reformed, mentally healthy America. To do so they formed the National Institute of Mental Health. This was the start of good intentions gone bad. Mental health care was not the best at the time and needed to be changed. What was thought to be a great idea and an even greater step forward turned into a giant mess. The basic problem was that not many patients got treatment. Those who had the "well worried" were the ones being treated and not the ones who truly needed it. If people realized that those who are homeless, commit suicide, etc. have a dignosable and treatable mental illness, it could fix all of those problems and put them to a stop. It was thought that effective treatment for mental illness would lower violence in the community, but what was not realized or cared about was that only 4% of violence in the U.S. is attributed with mental illness. It proves how if people were educated it would help those with mental illnesses and make helping them easier, too. It will make their lives and our lives easier and safer.

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IU study: 'Backbone' of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied-Mental Health Weekly Digest-By: News Reporter-Staff News Editor

It was studied that there is a 'backbone' to mental illness. That 'backbone' is the prejudice and discrimination towards those inflicted with mental illnesses. It unfairly paints people with conditions like depression and schizophrenia as undesirable as friends and leaders. The 'backbone' was always present when the studies were taken in all 16 countries. This 'backbone' can be fixed if people were educated AND cared that mental illness were medical problems. It shows how educating people about mental illnesses will make them recognize that mental illnesses are a serious problem and need to be taken care of. Once people finally care, it will make an impact on those who are inflicted and those who are healthy.
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Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness Stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch-Mental Health Weekly Digest-By: News Reporter-Staff News Editor

Girl Scouts can now earn a new patch, the Mental Awareness Patch. This patch was developed by International Bipolar Foundation and awarded to over 500 Girl Scouts nationwide. Many Girl Scouts are getting involved and active and do all that they can to help educate the public to erase the mental health stigma. It is a topic that cannot stop being talked about. It is turning into something even bigger. The Girl Scouts are making this a huge success and are taking it one level higher. The more people on board, the bigger the impact, and interest is flourishing. Public education will teach people how mental illnesses are more serious than they had thought. With more people educated, it will erase the stigma of mental health which will help those inflicted and those who are healthy.
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Counter Argument

  1. Doctors are already doing enough to help those inflicted with mental illnesses. If the public is educated they can do something to help doctors to find a better solution.
  2. What can the public do? They don't know much about mental illnesses. The public needs to educated so they can do something and they do know what to do to help.
  3. How can you educate the public? It's not like they will agree to listen to what is said. Start by educating the kids in school because they are the future and will have the knowledge to make an impact in the future.