The Beauty of GMOs

-Joseph Overman

Golden Rice

GMOs have led to the development of "Golden Rice". This genetic supplement is engineered to fight vitamin A deficiency and lead to a happier, healthier consumer.

Say "No" to pesticides

Normal farming requires a constant use of multiple pesticides. Pesticides cause runoff and destroy river ecosystems. Genetically modified crops avoid this catastrophe by being already resistant to bugs and diseases, reducing the need of pesticides.

Join the fight against famine

Genetic engineering allows the manipulation of crops to create larger, more reliable harvests. With the use of GMOs, farmers can ensure more growth of food, for less effort. With the world population rapidly expanding, food is in an ever dire demand.

Be drought free

The weather is and always will be unpredictable. Droughts and other dangerous weather conditions are inevitable. GMOs reduce the negative effects of the weather, by increasing crops resiliency to dangerous weather conditions. Studies have shown that GMO crops are 65% more likely to survive serious and minor droughts.