CLF Post 16 Newsletter

14th January 2015

Upcoming Post 16 Dates

15th January 2015

UCAS Deadline – National

21st January 2015

Mental Health Quiz Night information @ JCA Cabot Eye – open to all centres

28th January 2015

Sixth Form Charity Quiz Night @ 6.30pm JCA Cabot Eye – open to everyone

30th January 2015

Bristol University Meningitis Swabs for 2nd time participants only @ JCA Cabot Eye

1st – 4th February 2015

Disneyland Paris Trip

4th February 2015

BMA INSET Day, site closed

6th - 20th February 2015

Gambia Trip

13th February 2015

KOA/JCA INSET Day, site closed

10th March 2015

Years 12 and 13 Parents' Evening (all staff) venue tbc

AS/A2 January Mock Exams

Our Post 16 Mock Exams are now complete. Thank you to all staff and students for your hard work.

Diagnose - Therapy - Test

Students now should have had specific diagnostic feedback to prepare for your exams in 16 weeks time. (13 without holidays!) Studying at home means higher grades in exams.

Staff: There will be an additional aspect in SIMs report marksheet which will allow staff to enter their students' mock grades (ABCDE) along side their fine predicted grade (B1, B2, B3) for Assessment point 3.

The results from the mocks will be used to inform the assessment point 3 report grade due on Thursday, 29th January 2015.


As you know, universities and employers are looking for more than grades. Enrichment is key to building your CV! We have had some fantastic enrichment sessions last term across all sites and have discussed a huge range of topics. These included a session on preparations for University and a presentation on student finance; a workshop on healthy relationships and domestic violence and, featured below, the snowman challenge at King's Oak and Bristol Brunel.

All students at KOA and JCA have joined in the Elevate Study Sensai to support students with study skills before the January mocks. In the Sensai, leaders focused on teaching different methods of studying, including using different organisational techniques, well known in industry, to enhance performance; using steps to success and to show how students can use techniques improve their learning process. They were taught how to access and review revision notes, using trigger words and colour, creating their own system of review to enhance understanding.

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University Applications

We had a very successful few months planning university applications and we are delighted to share that 167 students have applied across year 13. This has meant significant extra effort and support from our talented staff who write references behind the scenes and extra time for students to prepare their forms and personal statements. We are very proud of all of our students and we are very grateful to our staff who have gone above and beyond their, yet again, to support students to excel and aspire.

We have applied to a range of providers, including some students who have had interviews at Oxford University.

The UCAS deadline is 15th January 2015 which we are pleased to have supported 167 students to meet across the Federation.

79% of current year 13 students have applied to go to university!

Current Figures:

· BBA 16

· BMA 17

· JCA 63

· KOA 30

· HWA 41

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Assessment Point 3 for all CLF Post 16 sites

Assessment point 3 closes on Thursday, 29th January 2015. This assessment point is to offer students a snapshot of progress towards their target grade. If there are any queries about this, please contact

Curriculum 2015 - 16 Educating a city: widening our curriculum offer

We want to make CLF Post 16 as accessible as we can for our students. Our curriculum offer therefore needs to widen. We are planning to run additional courses this year, such as AS Applied Law, a new STEM course and a new Drama and Music School. If staff are interested and have ideas about running new courses, please contact

Recruitment and Year 11 Interviews for CLF Post 16

We have now had 492 applications for Year 12 CLF Post 16!

We have now interviewed over 400 students for CLF Post 16 next year. Just a few more interviews which are taking place across sites over the next few weeks. There is still space for any more who wish to be considered for a place.

We are now blocking their subject courses into the curriculum. We will try and run courses if students apply quickly! If students would like to still apply, they can online at

Welcome Digitech Studio School

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Digitech Studio School is now recruiting for incoming years 10 and 12

Digitech Studio School, Bristol is a new school which is opening in September 2015. The school and part of the CLF and works with employers and sponsors who have helped create a curriculum which is in line with what attributes, skills and experience are required for the future workforce.

This is a specialist school which has a hi-tech curriculum and features unmatched specialist employer input. There are three pathways:

High Tech Pathway for those specifically interested in Maths, Entrepreneurship, IT, Computing, Design Technology, Physics, Business.

Creative Pathway for those interested in Creative Media BTEC, Art and Design, Psychology, Sports Performance, Applied Business, English

Fusion Progression Pathway for those interested in GCSE Maths and English, IFS Personal Finance, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

To request an application pack for you or your students, please

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Boom Satsuma

In December, 9 children from the Boom Satsuma Agency based at BMA travelled to Copenhagen as part of a competition launched by George Ferguson. these students were 9 out of 15 picked across the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Whilst in Cophenhagen with the mayor, they met youth ambassadors from other countries participating in the youth climate summit. This was a really important trip, as they were helping to shape future of the policies to take care of the planet. They also had a chance to speak at the summit and were on the news!

Look below to watch the film that shows the group when they found out they won.

To read more about the group, please go

copenhagen reveal

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