Breast cancer

Don't give up the fight, lets stop breast cancer!!!

They need your help

Why do people need to stand up and help support the cause of breast cancer? They do because of how it is one of the most common cancer for women to get in the United States. This cancer is a disease of cancer cells that go in the tissues of women’s breast. A lot of people have passed away from getting breast cancer. It is a scary thing when someone is told that they have any kind of cancer, and have to go through life knowing that they could die anytime from it. Some people who have this kind of cancer would not want to go through this alone and need all of your support.

Interesting facts:

1 Breast cancer is a disease.

2 Men can get breast cancer to but it is rare.

3 It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women.

Some statistics are:

1 One out of eight people can get cancer.

2 Breast cancer incidence rates in the U.S. began decreasing in the year 2000.

3 In 2014, there were more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer just in the United States.

A disease of cancer cells

Breast cancer is a serious thing for a lot of people. One out of eight woman can get breast cancer. That is twelve percent of those women. Breast and skin cancer are the two main common cancers that a woman could get. There is more of a risk for someone to get breast cancer when it does not even run through their family line. Everyone should join in the fight to help find a full cure for the people who are diagnosed with this disease. There is already a breast cancer awareness month, and in that month people could even help out a bunch more than everything people are already doing. Lets help as much as we can to stop this cancer and while doing so also support the people who already have it. Lets find a full cure so that we could stop all these innocent people from dying.