The Kokoda Track

By Lauren Caitlin

Terrible Accident

The Kokoda Track, 96 kilometres, extremely rough terrain and one girl with a horrible story. Chloe, a young girl who was passionate about swimming was sadly severly injured in a terrible car crash. Chloe was an amazing swimmer and nearly went into the olympics. The car crash gave her bad injuries to her leg, stomach and skull. Part of the front of Chloe's skull was taken out of her head.

The Track

The doctors at the hospital said that Chloe would have to stay there for 9-10 months but she thankfully proved them wrong and was out in 3 months.

Her and her dad walked The Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea to raise money for the hospital that she was in. She crossed bridges over water with no handles and rocks with big gaps in between. When they were nearly finished they had a memorial service at a statue near the end. When they walked through the arches at the end, they were very excited but in extreme agony from that long walk!