Grade 2 News

Thursday, March 17 , 2016

Upcoming Events:

March 17: Early dismissal (students go home at 1:00)

March 18 - April 4: Break (no school)

April 4: School resumes

April 7: 2d visit to the Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek - Please send in library cards and books that students want to return to the library.

April 11: 2a visit to the Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek - Please send in library cards and books that students want to return to the library.

April 14: 2c visit to the Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek - Introduction to the library

April 15: 2b visit to the Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek - Please send in library cards and books that students want to return to the library.

April 27: Student Led Conferences (8:40 - 10:00)

Art Shirts

To help keep clothes clean during art, please send in an old shirt or an art smock. Teachers will help remind students to wear these to art class.

Thanks for your support!

Creative Writing Club

Some Grade 2 students have been participating in a creative writing club during the lunch break. Click on the link below to see some examples of student work!

If you wish to sign up and join in with the writing at home or comment on the work, you can sign in using our class code: 91344

Then register with a username and password.

Swimming this week

We are sorry that swimming was cancelled this week. Due to the fact that two swim coaches were ill, it was unsafe to have class with only one teacher.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

Maps, Maps, Maps

* Bring in a map from your last vacation to share with the class

* Take a picture of yourself outside showing an interesting geographical feature (mountain, ocean, lake, forest etc.)

* Students can still practice Mathletics and Raz Kids over the holidays!

Word problems (Students can choose to work with numbers to 50 or 300 depending on their level.)

How We Express Ourselves

Final Projects

The students have been working very hard on their final projects! Some are writing stories or comics, putting on plays and puppet shows, using computer programs such as Explain Everything and Puppet Pals.

Students will have a chance to share their work with their parents to at the Student Led Conferences in April!!

Our Next Unit of Inquiry:

Where We are in place and time

April 4 - May 27

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: The Earth's physical geography has an impact on human interactions and settlements

Lines of Inquiry:

· Variability of physical geography around the world

· The relationship between location and settlement

· Impact of human interaction on the physical environment

Concepts: causation, connection, form

Attention! We will be looking at maps and different areas of the world. Feel free to bring in an atlas, map or special photos of interesting landscape or physical features.

During this unit, we will be developing the following English concepts:

· Writing to inform and describe

· Continue to develop editing skills

· Using articles (a\an), rhyming words and possessives

· Parts of non-fiction texts (glossary, index, table of contents)

During this unit, we will be developing the following mathematical concepts

  • Location and mapping skills (Cardinal directions, follow multiple-step directions)
  • Area (non-standard units of measurement)
  • Repeated addition and repeated subtraction
  • Introduction to basic fractions
  • Graphs
  • Interpreting word problems

During this unit, we will develop the following science and social studies knowledge and skills:

  • Explain why humans choose to live in certain locations
  • Describe natural features in different world environments
  • Look at the impact human settlements can have on the physical environment
  • Use maps and globes

During this unit, the German team will:

  • Focus on Berlin and its urban features
  • Inquire into the different districts and compare Berlin to other German cities and focus on presenting our knowledge

If you have any ideas or expertise you would like to share with our classes during this unit, please contact your child’s teacher. Expertise such as architects, city planners, builders etc. would be welcome. You may connect to the classroom or German teacher. Thank you!

Grade 2 Learning in Action



We continued learning about the different ways of telling stories:

- We watched "Eine Woche voller SAMStage" at the ATZE musictheater.

- We listened to story read alouds.

- We created stories using comics and the iPad app 'Explain Everything'.

Parts of Speech

We learned about the different types of sentences:

- Fragesatz

- Aussagesatz

- Aufforderungssatz


We read about German traditions during Easter. We also read facts about spring time.

Ways to help at home

Read and listen to stories. Below is a great website where students can listen to stories.

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