GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week

Missing Mascots!

You might have heard about our adventure searching for our missing mascots last week! As we followed the clues, we had help from Mrs. Lacey, Chaplain Rhonda, Mrs. Daum and Mrs. Fleskes to locate our mascots in the library. Our hunt ended with a treat left by each of our mascots!


As we read aloud stories with our classes, students will be introduced to concepts of print which include knowing how to hold a book, differentiating between print and pictures, turning pages left to right, and being able to tell the front of the book from the back of the book. Developing these concepts at an early age is invaluable to a child’s literacy development.


Students are becoming familiar with 2-dimensional shapes through a variety of hands-on activities. Students will recognize and name attributes of a triangle, a circle, a square, a rectangle, an oval and a rhombus "formally known as a diamond."

Handwriting Without Tears

Students will be introduced to several Handwriting Without Tears tools this month. They will practice using “Flip” crayons and golf-size pencils. These smaller writing tools help young students develop fingertip control and strength. Research shows that starting with small pieces encourages the correct grasp.

Pre-K Family Picnic

Who: All Pre-k families

When: September 11, from 11:00-12:00 PM (All students will be dismissed following the picnic) Students will arrive at normal morning carpool

Where: The Cottage Playground, meet us on the playground

Things to bring: lunch, water, bug spray, and blanket. Students may wear play clothes.

Tip to Help Your Child Adjust to Pre-k!

Is your child having difficulty some days being excited about coming to school, especially on Monday? Does the day start with tears, or maybe a tummy-ache?

Don’t worry, it’s not unusual for kids to need a little extra help during this time of transition. To help ease into the new routine you might create a calm bedtime routine. Children who aren’t well-rested don’t have the internal resources to cope with good-byes, much less the rigor of the school day. Eating a healthy breakfast will help their focus and energy as we learn.


If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please email Lindsay Marchant at The library needs your Box Tops! Box Tops fund book purchases and library events. Send them to the library labeled with your child's grade.


A Quick note from the Chaplain regarding chapel dates and times:

Chapel worship: (please note this is new for 2015-16) Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

10:25-10:45 am Pre-Kinder/ Kinder/Primer

Birthday Prayers- please coordinate with your child's teacher and Chaplain Rhonda