Thomas Edison Invention

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Thomas Edison [1847-1931]

Thomas Edison created such great innovations as the electric light bulb and the phonograph.
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The year Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.

August 12, 1877 is the date popularly given for Thomas Edison's completion of the model for the first phonograph.the purpose of the phonograph was to record and replay sound.

Importance of the phonograph for industrial revolution

The Phonograph was used to communicate before the telephone was invented. It was a early system for communication and was very popular because it amazed people how you could hear a dead persons voice that was thoguht to be gone forever by just a simple tool.

how the phonograph is used today

If you need to compare it to a modern machine of similar functionality, I would say it is most like a CD player, since most phonographs featured a turntable that had to be loaded with a disc to play from.

the year that thomas edison invented the first elecric light bulb

In 1878, Edison formed the Edison Electric Light Company in New York

the purpose of the light buld

Light bulbs were invented to help people to see things better in gloomy or dark conditions and to be able to see their way if they wanted to go somewhere at night.

importance of the electric light bulb for industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution that occurred in the 19th century was of great importance to the economic future of the United States. Three industrial developments led the way to industrialization in America:
  1. Transportation was expanded.
  2. Electricity was effectively harnessed.
  3. Improvements were made to industrial processes.

How is the light bulb used today

. Light bulbs are used in so many ways--at work, at home and for your entertainment--that you may have stopped noticing that they are there.