Colour V.S. Non-Colour

Do colored candles affect how fast they burn?

What's it about?

As some of you may know there is a theory out there that colored candles burn slower than regular white candles. Some people think they do burn slower and others vise versa. So to stop the confusion we decided to test this theory. Amelia and I bought two different candles. One red and one white. Then we lit the candles ten times in 2 minute increments.


These are our predictions

Elena: I think that the white candle will burn the fastest because the red candle has artificial coloring in the wax which might slow the burning process.

Amelia:I think that the white candle will burn slower because it doesn't have the artificial colouring that the other candle has. The red candle will burn faster because the colouring could make it even more of a liquid instead of normal wax.

Time to experiment!