PreK News

September 9-11


It is called "Beginning the Year." This past week we have been taking about routine and our classroom schedule. Our daily questions have been about a specific part of our day. For example: "What do we do when we first get to school? What happens after snack?" We have focused on words like FIRST, NEXT, BEFORE, AFTER, etc. It allows for the understanding of a basic schedule and time order. That will be helpful as we jump into our daily Storyteller. The kids are asked questions that involve those words. Our hope and goal is that they will begin using those types of words as they tell us their story.


Jalapeno Bagels: This was about a young boy and his parent's bakery. He needed to choose what snack to bring in to share with the class. He chooses a bagel that combines both of his parent's cultures.

Peeny Butter Fudge: This combined our talks about daily schedules by talking about a "To Do" list from mom for Grandma and family traditions.

Papi, How Many Stars Are in the Sky?: This was a story about a Grandfather talking with his grandchildren about how the stars got into the sky.


Bean Bag Toss with basket (used positional words)

Bean Bag Toss with paper (used positional words and counting)

The Long and Short of it (measuring and comparing and contrasting ribbons)

The Long and Short of it (measuring objects in the classroom with those ribbons. Used LONGER and SHORTER to describe their findings)


Hickory Dickory Dock with rhythm sticks and numeral cards

Let's Make Letters: We made letters with our hands, bodies, and wooden pieces. Try making letters at home with yourselves or different objects!

Played Freeze Dance


PLEASE NOTE TIME BELOW FOR OPEN HOUSE IS 6:30-7:30. CLASSROOMS OPEN FROM 6:30 TO 7:15. Concert by some upper grade levels starts at 7:15.

We will have Parent/Teacher Conference and party sign-up sheets on our tables.

Remind your kids that Open House is time to LOOK at our room and SHOW some of our favorite things. It is not a time to come play in our classroom.

This past week we had a fire drill in the morning classes. This first drill is done very calmly, with our principal on the intercom talking about what is happening and what we need to do. We also talk with the kids about what is expected. All kids did really well!!


Thursday, Sep. 19th, 6:30-7:30pm

805 North Barnett Street

Le Roy, IL