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Wednesday, Aug. 19th 1931 at 9pm

Fabens, TX, United States

Fabens, TX

1st Professional Ride

Saturday, March 19th 1949 at 9pm

Race Track

1st Kentucky Derby Victory

Friday, May 6th 1955 at 9pm

Kentucky, United States


Breaks his femur (leg) during a race

Monday, May 6th 1968 at 9pm

Race Track

Breaks his pelvis, ruptures his bladder and damages some nerves

Wednesday, May 7th 1969 at 9pm

Race Track Paddock

Marries Cindy Barnes

Tuesday, March 7th 1978 at 9pm


Wins Marlboro Cup on Spectacular Bid (name of the horse)

Sunday, May 6th 1979 at 9pm

Race Track

Wins the Kentucky Derby at age 44

Tuesday, May 6th 1986 at 9pm


Retires from racing

Sunday, May 6th 1990 at 9pm

Race Track

Paralyzed in an automobile accident

Monday, May 6th 1991 at 9pm


He passed away at age 72

Sunday, Oct. 12th 2003 at 9pm

San Marino, CA, United States

San Marino, CA

Bill Shoemaker's Biography

Born: 19 August 1931

Died: 12 October 2003 (Natural causes)

Birthplace: Fabens, Texas

Best known as: Four-time Kentucky Derby winner who later was paralyzed

Willie Shoemaker won his first horse race when he was 17. He went on to become the most successful jockey in history, winning the Kentucky Derby four times, the Belmont Stakes five times and the Preakness twice. In 1986, at the age of 54, he became the oldest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby. He retired as a jockey in 1990. Despite an auto accident in 1991 that left him partially paralyzed, Shoemaker worked as a horse trainer until his retirement in 1997.

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