Disappearing Wildlife

How the animal population is depleting so rapidly

How animals are facing rapid exctinction

Animals are now more than ever facing extinction. Almost 53% of animals with vertebrates have disappeared from 1970 through 2010. Without animals humans would cease to exist. Animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, etc. give us what we need to survive such as food, leather, milk, and other things

Whats caused this global pandemic?

With the growing human population and the ever so need to expand its been harder and harder for animals such as polar bears, penguins, and even the lion. For many years humans have moved into animals habitats and taken over or just killed them for money ( elephants and ivory) as an example

Animals all over the global are feeling this "Human dominated world"

Global warming also has an impact on animals worldwide.

Polar bears and penguins are losing their habitat, in some cases Polar bears and even in rare cases , penguins are crossing into Canada and living on land. This is a prime example of how these animals are being forced into new habitats and having to adapt to them.

The black market, elephants, and the ivory obsession

Elephants are known for their ivory tusks which on the black market can turn a serious profit. 100,000 elephants have been killed in just three years. $1,500 for a pound and 250 lbs on a elephant is worth about $375,000. Poaching has become a big problem for African species due to the hot commodity for their fur, teeth, tusks, and hair, etc. Tigers have since been the animal that has lost the largest numbers over the longest period of time.


  • It would take 1.5 earths to replenish what humans have used on resources every year.
  • 45% of animals have lost their habitat to expanding humans.
  • Vertebrates in South and Central America have seen their numbers decline by 83%
  • Freshwater habitats have seen the fastest decline in animal population which is 76% of all animals with backbones or vertebrates
  • More than 18,000 species are on the verge of going extinct
  • Marine animals have suffered a 39% population decrease over the last four decades

Reasons why animals go extinct

There are multiple reasons animals go extinct from exotic species to humans and global warming and money. Once an animals home is changed it can never go back and may have to find a new home that is filled with predators and may be overcrowded. Exotic species have been in the U.S forever but that still doesn't help the native animals. Animals such as the Asian carp have caused local populations to deplete and force them to new homes in which they would never go to