Self Reflection- Brittany Brooks

Summary of my Career Assessments

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Top 3 Career Clusters

Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications

In Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications there are two avenues. One is to be a performer or artist. The other is being behind the scenes, such as a director. There is a reporter, fine artist, or using computers and sound equipment. This career cluster allows people to use their creativity, talent, and technical skills.

Business Management and Administration

Business Management and Administration provides the support needed to maintain a business. Different jobs in this area are, keeping track of expenses and income, managing financial activities of a business, or to be sure a business has qualified employees who are trained to do their jobs.


In this career cluster, you would keep track of money. You might provide financial services to a business or individual. Your work could include maintaining records or giving advice to business executives on how to operate their business.

My Key Interest Areas - ASE


People with artistic interest tend to like work activities that deal with designs, patterns and form. They enjoy self-expression in their work. Their preferable work setting is usually done without following a clear set of rules.


People with social interests tend to like work activities where they assist others and promote learning and personal development. These people prefer to communicate rather than working with objects, machines, or data. They like to teach, give advice, help, or be of service to people.


People with enterprising interests like work activities where they have to start up and carry out projects, such as business ventures. They enjoy persuading, leading people and making decisions. They take risks for profit and prefer action rather than thought.

My Personality Traits


Introverts need privacy and quiet time alone for concentration. They are the kind of people to think, do and think. They like to focus their attention on their ideas, impressions and thoughts. Introverts want to understand the world before their experience it. They don't like to think 'On their feet'. Introverts are more willing to share their ideas when given advance notice. Introverts need to recharge their batteries by spending time alone as after interacting, they may feel drained.


Sensors focus on what is real and actual. They prefer facts, and pay attention to details. Sensors learn step-by-step, and are down-to-earth. They take in information through their eyes. They trust their past experiences and prefer established ways of doing things. Sensors prefer things described specifically.

Sensors tend to focus on immediate reality and like to learn about real people and things. They value knowledge that is practical and want their work to be accurate. Sensors respond well to compliments about accurate, reliable, and precise work. They feel more comfortable when they know exactly what is expected of them.


Feelers are tender-hearted, compassionate and accepting. They are guided by personal values, and are good at complimenting. They tend to take things personally. Feelers like to be appreciated and approved of. They always try to see the other person's point of view.

As a learner, feelers like to feel that the teacher values them as an individual. They prefer topics they can care about and often complain about topics that are dry or "boring". They prefer to chat informally before getting down to work. They are often drawn toward personal experiences when engaging in a subject.


Judgers, tend to work now and play later. They like things settled and decided. They prefer things to be organized. Judgers like to have deadlines and complete projects. They find it difficult to concentrate if the environment is disorganized or messy. They like to have defined limits and rules in the classroom. As a learner, judgers tend to limit their topics quickly.

My Strongest Skill Areas


Providing assistance, care, or service to others

Sound Discrimination

Detecting the difference between sounds, pitch, or loudness
Attention to Detail

Checking each item or task carefully

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing

Interacting with others to entertain or sell

Careers I would consider based on my skills

  • Musicians
  • Music Therapists
  • Skin Care Specialists
  • Reservation and Ticket Agents
  • Typists and Word Processors

My Work Value Locator


People whom like to get a feeling of accomplishment from their work and use their strongest abilities.


People for whom like to be recognized for their work, and direct and instruct others. They usually prefer jobs in which they are looked up to by others.


People for whom like to work in a friendly, non-competitive environment. They like to do things for other people. They prefer jobs where they are not pressure to do thing that go against their sense of right and wrong.


People for whom support from their employer is important. They like to be treated fairly and have supervisors who will back them up.

Working Conditions

People for whom good working conditions are important. They prefer jobs offering steady employment and good pay. They may prefer doing a variety of tasks, working alone or being busy all the time.

Careers I would consider based on my values

  • Singers
  • Music Director
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Sociologist/Psychologist
  • Producer/Director
  • Film and Video Editors

What I Learned About Myself

I learned that I am a think-do-think kind of person. I am not the kind of person to be quick with ideas or answers. I like to understand the world before I experience it. I am in my head a lot. I prefer to take in information through my eyes and ears. I like real-life examples when being explained something. I like to relate things back to my life or others. I am guided by personal values, and like to be appreciated and approved of.

When relating those things to my future dreams and goals, I need to make sure I am communicating with my co-workers whether that is telling them my ideas, or important things needing to be done. If I am working at a place with customers or patients, I will be good at understanding their problems or difficulties in my work space. On an everyday work basis, I should being doing something where I can see an ending accomplishment.

Careers I would consider

  • Producer
  • Music Therapist
  • Film and Video Editors
  • Psychologist
  • Special Education Teacher

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely" Roald D