Packaging Ideas

Types of Cardboard Boxes For Shipment

Our organization supplies a variety of Types of cardboard boxes for shipment that can be personalized or printed to fulfill your individual needs. Discover our variety below:

Archive boxes

Archive boxes are generally provided as a separate box and lid but can also be 1 piece. This is because the type of box is designed to be placed and stored for some time period. They are commonly used for papers storage space, self-storage, and other office uses. Database boxes are generally produced in individual walls cardboard meaning they are very affordable, so they are cheap to create, but are incredibly effective when they are constructed. We already have to tool available for several typical sizes.

Box & Lid (Fefco 0300)

Box and Lid item packaging in this design are offered smooth loaded so are simple to store. They are produced with the very little waste item left behind, so production is very economical. The sides need sticking; tape or sewing during set up to hold everything in place.

Die Cut Self Locking (Fefco 0470)

Die cut self-locking boxes are generally used for shipping small products. These boxes are effective, fast and simple to set up, which are the significant reasons why they are used for shipping. They can be printed or produced plain in white or brown corrugated board. The boxes appear smooth loaded either on a pallet or secured into controllable packages, centered on your unique specifications.

Envelope Base (Fefco 0215)

The base on type of box has the look of an enclosed program when constructed. The nature of the bottom allows for convenient development without the need for tape or adhesive. This box also has a tuck-in lid that hair in nicely. We can modify the type of box in various ways centered on your needs. We can add perforations to create them shelf ready, add a locking tab to aid closing or even remove the top flap entirely to form a counter screen.

Five Panel Wrap (Fefco 0409)

The 5-panel wrap is used for item packaging lengthy, filter products. This box can be produced using individual or double walls corrugated cardboard centered on the level of security you need. These boxes are offered as a set program and will need tape on development. We can also supply this device packaging with a 1 or 2 colored create if needed – great for marketing your appearance.

Full Overlap (Fefco 0203)

This box is with a flap that completely covers the bottom and top, creating a complete overlap. This is to give additional strength to the cardboard box when constructed and is ideal for item packaging heavy products. We can also create these boxes. These will appear smooth loaded and secured for ease of storage space. Boxes can be stuck or padded.

Packing Carton (Fefco 0201)

The packing carton (Fefco 0201) is the industry standard packing case and the most everyday sort of packing box. It can be produced to suit your unique length width and depth of your item or service, guaranteeing the perfect fit without the need for pedaling. We can also create the boxes if marketing is needed, which is an inexpensive way of increasing brand awareness.

Packing Wallet (Fefco 0401)

Packing wallet is used to program superficial products. The box itself comes at your site smooth loaded, to set up your item or service is placed in the center and you fold the box around your item or service. The program will then need tape or sticking to secure it. We can also add in buffers for increased security. An overlap can be added on the flap to prevent damage to your item or service if the wallet is cut open when coming at your customer. A greater part of Point Of Sale features is shipped using packing wallet to ensure safe transportation.

Pizza Style (Fefco 0426)

Pizza style boxes aren’t just used for pizzas! In fact, type of box is often used as a mailer program. Our business is not food-grade certified so we can’t produce boxes for direct meals contact, we are set up to produce additional meals item packaging, and however, we can generate these boxes to fit any other products or components. As with all of our boxes, we can create custom styles or generate them in different thicknesses centered on your needs.

Self Locking (Fefco 0427)

At first, these boxes are offered smooth for storage space purposes and are very simple to set up into strong packing design boxes. Designs can be personalized to add locking tabs, manages, show panels and more centered on your needs. We can also consist of internal department pieces if you need additional security for your product or service when they are on the road. We can generate these boxes in several different fluting profiles; our designer will be available to customize this program quickly and at low costs.