Magness Creek Counseling News

Ms. Kristi Johnson, M.Ed.

Who is your school counselor?

Hello everyone! My name is Kristi Johnson and I have been a school counselor for eighteen years, five years here at Magness Creek. I think I have the best job in the world! When I'm not at school, I take classes and am working on my license to be a mental health counselor. In my free time, I love adult coloring, playing with my four grandkids, and traveling.
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What does the school counselor do?

What is the job of the school counselor?

The school counselor's job is to help all kids do their best in school! I do whole group counseling lessons, small group counseling, individual counseling, and parent and teacher consultation. I focus on helping children develop academically, socially and emotionally, and provide career awareness. Counseling is for everyone!

Counseling Lesson Topics:

August-Introduction to the School Counselor

September-Having a Growth Mindset

October-My Future Story and Assertive Communication

November/December-Building Resiliency

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Magness Creek Bridge Builders

We will start our Bridge Builder Program beginning the first week of October! Teachers will nominate one student a week to be recognized as a Bridge Builder! Magness Creek Bridge Builders are students who show growth in the areas of: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Relationships in addition to the Three R's! Research shows that people who are successful in life have these four characteristics. Bridge Builders receive a t-shirt and a certificate.

Each morning, along with the Pledge and the National Anthem, we recite parts of the

Bridge Builder Pledge:

I am RESPECTFUL of myself, others, and property.

I am RESPONSIBLE for my choices and their consequences.

I show RESILIENCE by working through hard jobs. I welcome mistakes because mistakes are how I learn.

I build positive RELATIONSHIPS with others in my class, school, and community.

I am building a bridge to my future!

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Red Ribbon Week

Monday, Oct. 23rd, 8am to Friday, Oct. 27th, 3:15pm

16150 Arkansas 5

Cabot, AR


2017 Red Ribbon Week Theme:

Your future is KEY, be drug free!

Monday, October 23rd- “I’m too BRIGHT to use drugs!” Wear neon or other bright colors

Tuesday, October 24th-“Hats off to being drug free!” Wear your favorite hat (you’ll have to take them off during instructional (class) time)!

Wednesday, October 25th- Unity Day! Wear ORANGE to stand united against bullying and FOR inclusion! Mix it up at recess and play with someone you’ve never played with before!

Thursday, October 26th-“My future is KEY, because I want to be…” Wear something related to the career you want to have when you grow up. (Hint: being a superhero is not a career)

Friday, October 27th- “Follow your dreams!” Wear PJs (school appropriate with regular shoes)

You can reach me at:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.