The Gathering

By Kelley Armstrong

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"I nodded. "Just tattoo over what's there. I don't want to change it or make it look more like a paw print or anything." "No reason to," Deena said, her fingers tracing the edges. "It already does. Remarkable." "What is that?" came the old woman's voice, so low I barely heard her. I turned to see her in the doorway staring at me. "It's a birthmark, Auntie. Looks like a cat's paw, doesn't it?" The old women's gaze met mine and in it I saw fear and disgust. "'Yee naaldlooshii.'" She turned to my mother. "That's why the Dine didn't want her. She's a witch."" This is part of the book, The Gathering, by Kelley Armstrong.
Maya is a sixteen-year-old girl that lives in Salmon Creek. She has always had a birth-mark in a shape of a paw print, and it never meant anything to her until now. She loves the forest and has always been good with animals, and they seem to get better faster when she takes care of them. Weird things soon started happening. First, she is accused of being 'Yee naaldlooshii' (which means 'a witch') by an old women who she had never met before. She tries to ignore it and move on with her life, and she does for a while, but after a new 'bad boy', named Rafe comes, she falls in love with him, even though her mind is telling her there is something wrong about him. Later, she finds out that Rafe was keeping something from her that was about the reason why he was so into her...he had the same birth-mark as her. She then finds out that the mark means that she is a skin-walker, or 'Yee naaldooshii', along with Rafe and Annie, his sister. After that, she tries to find out more about skin-walkers, but not long after, a forest fire comes to Salmon Creek and everyone has to evacuate. The kids load up in a helicopter and they are off!


Was the ending satisfactory??
Yes! The Gathering leaves you wanting to read the next book to find out what happens to them.

Is this book part of a series??
Yes. This is the first book, then The Calling, and then a third book is soon to come out.

Did you enjoy this book??
Yes. I loved it and couldn't put it down.

Was this book well written??
Yes and it was and was easy to read.
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