Celebrating You!

September Recognition

Trainings Offered

October 15th--Moving into Leadership: Consultants wanting to move into leadership. *What's in it for me? *What is required of me? *What if I'm not sure?

  • 9 pm EST
  • 712-775-7100
  • access code 471113#

October 21st--TACO! (Totally Awesome Career Opportunity) *Recruit Prospects

  • 8:30 pm EST
  • 712-775-7100
  • access code 471113#

October 28th--Dreambuilders: Why should I recruit? Where do I find recruits? What do I do with them when I do find them?

  • 9 pm EST
  • 712-775-7100
  • access code 471113#

October 29th--New Consultant Training: 2 months in? 2 days?! Tips to build your business

  • 8:30 pm EST
  • 209-647-1000
  • access code 627731#

October is the month you can believe, achieve...and RECEIVE!

All it takes is a simple $200 order. Each week that you submit one, you WIN! Challenge yourself, set a goal, and GO FOR IT! See how many weeks you can WIN! ...Ready to celebrate you!

Feed Your Soul Quote

"Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present."
~Marelisa Fabrega

Look Who Promoted to Director!

Shout out to Heather Hendrix and her awesome Iowa Team! Celebrating Their Success!

Heather Shows her excitement for her and her team:

I am so excited to promote to director! Over the past year, my "why" has definitely changed. I signed up as a consultant because I wanted to have a party, but I didn't know anyone who sold Thirty-One. So, my plan was to have ONE party, get as much free product as I could, earn my startup money back, and be done. Then I realized how much I truly enjoyed not only the product, but getting out of the house and meeting so many incredible women. Best of all, I have been able to make money and contribute to my family!

In May, I had 2 recruits, I attended National Conference in August, and I now have 11 wonderful women on my team! After just one short year, Thirty-One has allowed me the freedom to close up my home daycare of 12 years, and to work part-time as a substitute teacher. I love that I work for a company that is so committed to celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding all of us! I have never worked for a company where I was able to earn a bonus, and now I am able to earn bonuses and rewards just for doing my job! How amazing is that?

Now that I have become a director, I am looking forward to doing everything I can to help all of the ladies on my team reach whatever goals they are striving for. It is so rewarding to me, to know that I can make a difference and help others achieve their goals while I am working towards my own.

Welcome New B31ieve Team Members

Glenda Brown

Cheryl Leeper

Cathy Conley

Jody Williams

Elizabeth Davis

Renee Hooper

Dana Hendrix

Natalie Campbell

Justine Myers

Susan Pritchett

Top Team Building

1) Karen Davis: $79,997.92

2) Nichole Musselman: $36,467.32

3) Rebecca LaBossiere: $27,512.13

4) Anne Montour: $26,646.95

$1000+ Shows in Sept......Woo Hoo!!!

Tonya Allen: $1270, $1270, & $1256 WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Riggenbach: $1211 & $1209 Way to Go!

Jennifer Angel: 1253 Awesome!

Karen Davis: 1225

Deborah Elkins: 1219

Brandy Holland: 1211

Nichole Musselman: 1205

Alisa Padgett: 1204

Heather Hendrix: 1203

Caryn Reuland: 1203

Anne Montour: 1091

Sharing the Opportunity

Elizabeth Fisher

Jessica Grant

Anne Montour

Rebecca LaBossiere

Julie Brown

Leita Strickland

Nikole Fasnacht

Kay Bloodsworth

Karen Davis

Elizabeth Kettler

Amanda West

Heather Hendrix

Kim Bierman

Ladies Who Know How to Party!

Karen Davis: 7

Deborah Elkins:7

Brandy Holland: 7

Anne Mountour: 6

Jennifer Garaway: 6

Alisa Padgett: 6

Jaclyn Norwood: 6

Nichole Musselman: 5

Heather Hendrix: 5

Tonya Allen: 4

Rebecca Labossiere: 4

Amy Gilstrap: 4

Cheryl Iowman: 4

Lynda Triggs: 4

Monica Allen: 4


Startswell Level 1

Lynda Triggs

Kimberly Hock

Susan Pritchett

Startswell Level 2

Jennifer Garraway

Monica Allen

Startswell Level 3

Kelly Voisard

Deborah Ellkins

#1 in Sales: Karen Davis. She had a PV of $4,4330.75. Absolutely Amazing!

Top 25 in Sales

Karen Davis: $4,4330.75

Tonya Allen: $4,405.65

Brandy Holland: $3,959.62

Alisa Padgett: $3,770.72

Nichole Musselman: $3,259.84

Anne Montour: $3,121.40

Deborah Elkins: $2,910.50

Kimberly Riggenbach: $2,633.78

Heather Hendrix: $2,535.17

Elizabeth Fisher: $2,435.36

Jaclyn Norwood: $2,119.79

Rebecca LaBossiere: $1,970.18

Jennifer Garraway: $1,936.55

Nikole Fasnacht: 1,895.37

Jennifer Angel: 1,803.60

Kelly Voisard: $1,628.16

Caryn Reuland: $1,603.59

Morgon Moon: $1,552.23

Gena Krause: $1,495.93

Kay Bloodsworth: $1,392.28

Stacy Davis: $1,325.80

Cheryl Iowman: $1,180.97

Monica Allen: $1,130.44

Susan Pritchett: $1,117.46

Charlene Martin: $1,111.16