Grade 6 Extended

Grade Newsletter Term 2- Week 9

And so the search continues!

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Virtue of the week: Truthfuness

Truthfulness is the main element of character

- Bran Tracy

Language Arts

This Week...Elementary My Dear Watson!

What a week!

Maths week grabbed our imaginations and without a doubt, we are now champion data handlers after this week! Our reading and writing provided the chance to enhance our suspense writing techniques as we embarked on our Suspense Story planning. Three more investigations conducted and passed successfully! All systems go to now solve the Crime of the Century next week!

Maths week- Data Handling

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This week started with Maths Week-Data Handling. The Maths week coincided with our new topic – Pie Charts. It was a week of fun data handling for the Grade 6 children!

We discussed about the different types of graphs the children could use for their graph competition. They also had lots of opportunities to vote for the graphs displayed around the school. The children were very enthusiastic about casting their votes. They also worked cooperatively in their groups to collect data and create their very own pie charts. It is a joy to see the children engaging in purposeful discussion, displaying creativity and demonstrating excellence in creating their pie charts. Besides these, they also worked in pairs to solve problems involving pie charts.

Let’s look forward to meet the Grade 6 winner of the graph competition!

The Investigators - the suspense grows...

Science 3 - Absorption

Science Task 4 - Friction

The Investigators

In order to be able to solve the crime of the century, the children undertook their third and fourth scientific investigations, having successfully passed their first two.

Investigation 3

During investigation 3, children had to use their previous knowledge to plan and undertake an absorption investigation. They used their skill of observation to record what happened within each mini test, and really used their diligence to carry out a fair test.

Investigation 4

Due a vital piece of evidence being found at the crime scene (shoe), the children conducted a friction test to add further clarity to what happened to the victim. Was their scope for the victim to have slipped on the classroom floor? All avenues were being explored.

Key Dates

Exit Point - Court Case - Wednesday March 25th 10.45 am

Grade 5 Production - Monday March 23rd and Wednesday March 25th at 7 pm in ES Hall (tickets on sale in school office)

UES HEART Program Open Evening - Tuesday April 14th at 7.30 pm in ES Hall

Court Case and Exit Point - Wednesday March 25th

Home Learning Science Investigation Presentation - Friday March 27th

Home learning tasks this week:

Spellings: To keep in theme with the children's IPC learning this week, spellings have been suspense based to aid the children with their written tasks.

Spellings due in : Monday 16th March

Test : Monday 16th March

Writer's notebook: Children to 'plant two seeds' of their choice. Each seed should take a whole page in the writers notebook and be detailed (excellent word choices, expanded ideas , and could make use of previous ways of collecting ideas) .

Due in: Tuesday 17th March

Steps to success for writing:

- Must contain at least 12 ideas

- adventurous language

- complex ideas (extension)

- noted, must be themes of writing that can be generated from the ideas

Home Learning Project

Home Learning in Unit of Work (On going)

During this unit of work, children will be working on a long term project which will be due in on Friday 26th March. They will be conducting their own scientific investigations at home in response to a question of their choice. They will need to effectively plan and carry out their investigation, presenting their results to their classmates. They will have to follow strict investigation protocol.

Detailed project outlines will be given out in the first week of term and children will be expected to submit their progress weekly to the class teacher for guidance. Furthermore, examples from last year will be presented to the children to inspire!

Message from Mr Hannah

Town Hall Survey

Please take part in our Town Hall survey to help the Leadership Team better understand how future Town Hall meetings and communication can be improved. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time - responses will be anonymous and results will be shared. Regardless of whether you attended the Town Hall meetings, we value your feedback! Click here to take part - - Survey closes Friday 20 March.

Saint Patrick's Day Parade - La Fheile Padraig!

Time to get your best green shirt, hat, bag and dress out from the wardrobe! Come along and join us as we walk the Saint Patrick Day parade this Sunday. All participants will be meeting at the Old Parliament Lane between Art House & Victoria Theatre from 2.30 pm. SJIIES will be at the rear of the parade and will be joined by our incredible Samba Band. The parade will start at 3.30 pm. The final destination is the UOB Plaza.