Science Review

by Josh and Chris

Science Safty Equipment

Goggles/eyeglasses are a good way to protect your eyes, an apron/lab coat to protect your body, and if your getting something hot, use tongs.
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Eye goggles

Eye goggles are very important because if you don't wear them something could splash in your eyes or could damage your eyesight. ALWAYS WEAR SAFTY GOGGLES!
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Hown To Be Safe During An Expirement

-NEVER do or start an experiment without parent/teacher supervision and directions

-Do only as supervisor instructs

-DO NOT smell or taste your experiment

-ALWAYS ask before proceeding to the next step



the ability to bend


to shine/bounce off of


energy passing through a metal


pulls/pushes object with magnet


made into wire


a mix of metal and non-metal



LAB SAFETY Video - I Think
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Metals, nonmetals, and metalloids:

Metals are hard, conduct well, and are good most of the above. Non-metals are the apposite of metals, and metalloids are some of each (Metal and Non-metals)

How To Put On Safety Equipment

Eye Goggles:

Pull back the strap, then put over your head. Securely cover your eyes, and release strap.


Take the top string and pull over your head and put over the neck area, not too tightly, though. Next, grab the two strings at your sides and tie them behind your back.


Grip the handle tightly when ready to grab something and grab object.

How to do a lab

Everything must be organised and done as your supervisor instructs you to do. Do not preform an expirement by yourself. Do not continue without telling the teacher if you spill or break something. Do exactly what the teacher does or instructs. Wear safety equipment and follow the lab rules.

Why do we wear Safety Equipment?

We wear it to protect ourselves, not only from your expiement, but in case your neighbour breakers or spills something, too.