Reasons For Self-Esteem

By: Hannah DuCharme

One night my sister and I were in my room playing video games when the phone rang. Mom answered like usual. Then mom's voice turned super serious, so then me and Olivia started eavesdropping. We sat at the top of the stairs when mom started scrambling to put on her shoes. While she was putting on her shoes she was talking quite enough to Papa so Olivia and I couldn’t hear. We finally found out that My Auntie Jake was the one who called we started saying things that could have happened. After a few predictions I asked ¨What if grandma died?¨ then Olivia replied¨No… I don’t think so¨ The next day after school Mama and Papa Told us after school that grandma died. Olivia was crying and I was shocked. That's when my self-esteem dropped. Scientific evidence show that girls in their teens lose more self-esteem than any other time in their life. Self-esteem is how you look at you, while gaining self-esteem takes family and friends help, girls can have low self-esteem because of body image, and girls self-esteem isn’t always bad but it’s not alway good.

What is Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is what you think of you. How much you think you are loved plays a big part of self-esteem. It does because it helps you know you have someone to talk too. Another part of self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself is important because it helps you have a higher confidence. Another thing is how you feel on the inside. It matters because you are your own person so you should like how you look and feel. Depression can come with or cause low self-esteem. Depression is extreme sadness for long periods of time. (How)

Reasons for Low Self-Esteem

Girls can have low self-esteem because of failure. An example would be Failing a big test or losing a big sports game. Then you might just start expecting failure and when it does happen you will be like “I saw that coming” or “yup I failed, again”. You will just say it because you failed.(How)

Rejection can cause a big impact on self-esteem. It does because you might get rejected by a crush or a loved one. If it's a family member or loved one it will hurt even more because you might feel like you have no one to turn to.(How)

Another reason for self-esteem is body image. Body image is like saying “I’m too fat” or “I’m not skinny enough!” Girls who think they are overweight are more likely to commit suicide. They might do that because of their size.(Why)

Gaining Self-esteem

To gain self-esteem you have to realize you have a self-esteem problem. Like ask your friends and see what they think. And if you see you have a self-esteem problem try to figure out why it there. ASk yourself is it your friends, school, or is it your family? It could be something else like a relationship.

But gaining self-esteem takes time. If you have a person helping you gain self-esteem they can affect how long it takes. If you have someone who really care it might go faster than someone who really doesn’t care.(How)

Girls and Self-Esteem

Girls can have low self-esteem because of fake beauty standards set by magazines. Girls think they have to look like girls in magazines. But the most important thing is you don't have to look like them. You are your own person.(Media)

Appearance. Appearance can really affect someone's self-esteem if they think aren’t pretty enough. But some people's appearance matters more to them than other people. Like me i don't really care what people think of how I look. I like how I look.(How)

Some people let low self-esteem run their life. So they don't try new things. They might not even hang out with friends.
When my grandma died it was a complete surprise. After that it took a long time for me to gain self-esteem. It took so long because my grandma and my Mom, Dad, Sister, and I were close she lived with us for a good 5 or 6 years. Self-esteem doesn't just effect the person it affects the people around them too. But you can regain self-esteem so you can go back to normal.