Miss Colsten's Weekly Newlsetter

December 3, 2015

Important Dates

December 4th- Donuts in December 9:30-10:00 - For the special men in our lives, one guest per student please. **REMEMBER CHANGE IN TIME: original newsletters said 9:15-9:45, it's been changed to 9:30-10:00

December 18th- Classroom Holiday Party 1:45-2:45

December 19th- Winter Vacation Begins

This Week...

We are back into the swing of things this week and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! This week we've worked hard with getting into our Math Tubs and Reading Stations. The independence level is rising and students have really stepped up to the plate.

In Reading, we started a unit centered around the gingerbread man. We'll be reading several different stories and will be comparing/contrasting the different versions. We're also excited to see what Flat Gingy has in store for your families at home!

In Math, we touched on measurement, but focused in on subtraction and graphing! We'll continue measurement next week. Thanks for sending in your home surveys all about Thanksgiving foods, It was neat to see how different every family was!

Sight Words this week: brown and purple

**I hope you have a wonderful time at Donuts in December tomorrow, I'm sad to miss!

Letter Sounds

Letter Sounds

Above you'll find a video of our class going through our letter sounds. We have special motions to go with... check 'em out!

And in case you can't quite understand, here's an explanation for our motions.

A- hands to the face, like in home alone "ahhhhh!"

B- swinging a bat

C- shivering cold

D- digging

E- "eh?" a motion signaling, "what did you say?"

F- flying

G- feeling the vibrating in our throat during a hard g sound

H- feeling the hot air

I- making an I with our pinky and scrunching our noses like when something is icky

J- jumping

K- kicking

L- licking an L lollipop

M- rubbing our tummies like something is yummy

N- shaking our head No

O- tracing the O our mouths make

P- popping popcorn

Q- the queen says "quiet"

R- driving a racecar

S- snake

T- telling time

U- up

V- vibrating (like a cell phone)

W- "what's up...."

X- the sound of bacon frying, our hands make an x and sizzle like bacon

Y - yoyo

Z- snoozing

Recognition Rockstar

Tyler saved up 20 Owl Bucks and purchased Recognition Rockstar! Way to go Ty!
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Discovery News

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week we began a new unit, Healthy Foods and Exercise. We read the book, Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food and then discussed good food choices. Students also had fun using the scooterboards for exercise this week! For Social Skills, we discussed the importance of calming down when we are upset and making good choices.