Playing The Cello

Christian Cantu


When I was introduced to junior high, my mom was convincing me to join beginner’s orchestra. When I decided to join, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. And that was when the cello came into my life.

The beginning of a new era

When in the beginner’s orchestra, I learned a lot of stuff. For example, what the names of the strings are, how to move the bow correctly, and a lot of other stuff.  I also learned a lot of  rhythms and beats. When i came across my first concert, i became really nervous but i eventully got use to it as the years went by.

Advancing to the next level

My 2nd year in symphony orchestra  goes well, First Chair every concert. Ever since I’ve been in the beginner’s orchestra I’ve learned a lot of stuff.

A bright future

Today in honors I’m 3rd chair, and also tried out for region orchestra. Sadly I didn’t make it. I look forward to be in orchestra for many years to come, and to try out for region all the years that follow