Medieval Africa

Culture and Religion


- A lot of there culture is based around there art, storytelling, dances,and music.

- People often lived in extended families.

- Many villages were matrilineal.

- They traced their descent through mother not father;when a women married however she joined her husbands family.

- The men had a lot more power over the women.

- Children learned the history of their people and skills needed as an adult.

- Kente is a colorful woven cloth they used.

- Cave paintings are the earliest form of African art.

- Wood carvers made masks and statues to celebrate African religious beliefs.


- People used music and dance to express their religious feelings to get through every day tasks, like planting a field.

-For centuries Europeans thought Africans did not have a belief.

- The majority of Africans are adherents of Christianity or Islam . African people often combine the practice of their traditional belief with the practice of Abrahamic religions.

-Most African groups shared the Igbo belief in one supreme god.

- Even though Africans practiced their religion differently in different places, their

beliefs served similar purposes.

- Islam had a far- reaching impact on northern and eastern Africa.

- Islam also advanced learning. Muslim schools drew students from many parts of Africa and introduced the Arabic language to many Africans.