hurricane Katrina

strikes New Orleans,LA

in 2005, august 23rd hurricane Katrina emerged in the Bahamas.

hurricane Katrina started as a class one hurricane and grew to become a massive monster spinning at more than 175 mph and up to 400 miles across destroying anything in its path which is now classified as a class 4 hurricane

the damage of the hurricane

hurricane Katrina's damage is incomparable with any natural disaster in the world, it had destroyed more than 93,000 square miles and created a massacre among the people in its path in total the amount of damage the hurricane has caused is over 96 billion dollars.this disaster also displaced more than 85,000 families in its path and has left a eternal scar to those who lost a family member. this monstrous storm has left a physical and mental destruction to anyone in its way.

the cost

the hurricane cost over 96 billion dollars for america.

the devastation blew away more than 85,000 homes and misplaced as many families

the disaster also costed deaths numbering more than 4000 people.

these deaths cause much pain to families who had lost a member of their family

the governments effort

the government spent as much as 25% of all the destruction of the destruction of the disaster. they also payed for most of the crops destroyed and opened the government oil reserve to reduce the cost of oil. the government contributed a lot to the american citizens to come out of devastation and get back on their feet.

improvements that should be made

everyone should learn from their mistakes. the levees holding back the flood waters were only made to hold floods up to hurricane class 3. but hurricane Katrina was a hurricane class 4 that even went to 5 at one point destroying the levees and causing a even larger flood then what would have happened without levees. therefore a stronger levee system should be made to stand up to a level 5 hurricane minimizing any kind of flood that may occur from both floods and floods caused by hurricanes.