Welcome to Carthya!

By: Maureen Walsh

Come join the fun!

Where we battle to become the false prince! Mott, Cregan, and Conner will make you the best prince ever! Join and you will learn sword fighting, horse back riding, and even how to speak properly.

Tips for succeeding at school:

1. Obey your teacher

2. listen in class

3. pay attention

4.take notes

5. respect teacher

6. do your best

Popular to talk about:

1. death

2. becoming the false prince

3. the servants

4. Conner

5. the secret tunnels.

People and Places to Avoid:

1. The Stables

2. The Dungeon

3. Avoid Conner

4. Conner's bedroom

Tips for survival:

1. get on Conner's good side

2. let Conner have what he wants

3. please Conner

4. pay attention to the lessons

5. learn all about Prince Jaron.

Good Etiquette:

1. have table manners.

2. know how to talk properly

3. good posture

4. what utensils are used for what.

People and Places you should go to:

1. Mott

2. Tobias

3.The princess

4. dinning room

5. the bedroom.

People and Places to be aware of:

1. Cregan

2. Tobias

3. secret tunnels

4. Roden

Farthenwood, a place of wealth and training.

Farthenwood, Carthya is the best training spot around. There are so many activities to do to train to become Prince Jaron, like horseback riding, sword fighting, and a lot of learning. Come join the fun!