Going Green For Utilities!

Heating and Cooling

By installing solar collectors, it can heat water, and collect electricity to use for the heating and cooling of a home.
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Tankless Water Heater

Very expensive at first, can take up to a few years to break even to a regular tank water heater, but saves lots of money and energy over time. It heats water instantaneously as you are using it. Also avoids using water that might have been sitting awhile in the water heater, and isn't constantly using energy to keep the water hot as well when not in use. Can save up to around 40% off your utilities bill and increase energy efficiency by 30%.
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Green Garage

You can use garage doors that are made out of recycled material, like wood and metal. Insulated garage doors can help keep hot or cool air from escaping your house and wasting energy. In warm environments, perforated garage doors (meaning, with holes) help provide safety and security, but keep a steady airflow as well.
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