Fragile X Syndrome

Kaylee Long

Cause/How The Child Gets It

This condition is inherited through the parents. Also it happens when part of a gene repeats more than usual on the x chromosome.
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  • is a gene change or mutation
  • can be a carrier is you have ovarian insufficiency
  • carriers also might have autism or autism like behavior
  • have an unexplained intellectual disability or developmental delay as a child
  • baby has a large head
  • learning problems
  • body doesn't make enough protein
  • problems with speech or language

Other Signs

  • not making eye contact
  • trouble paying attention
  • flapping hands
  • hyperactive
  • afraid in new situations
  • bothered by sensations like bright lights, loud noises or the way something feels
  • not wanting to be touched
  • long face, chin and ears
  • loose, flexible joints
  • flat feet
  • seizures
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There is no cure for this condition but children who get treated early do well in life.

Medication is recommended to take to help....

  • depression
  • anxiety (and other mental problems)
  • hyperactivity
  • prevent seizures

Life Expectancy

There life expectancy is no different from a normal person.
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Important Facts

  • more common in boys
  • the seizures effect 15 out of every 100 boys and 5 pout of every girl
  • boys are mostly diagnosed by age 3 but since girls show less symptoms they are usually diagnosed later