A little research study

about the Algarve region in Portugal

Have you ever visited the Algarve?

This region is now less popular than it was some years ago.  I would like to find out why this is.  Did you visit this area in the past but now go elsewhere?  If so, why is this?  What has changed?  If you still visit regularly, what keeps you coming back?  What is special about the Algarve?

I would really appreciate hearing your views. The more you have to say, the more it will help me.

Just add a comment to tell me what you think. Adding your age group too will help me analyse the results. And do please SEND THIS LINK on to anyone else who you think may be interested in giving their views. Thank you.
By the way, this announcement was created using a free online tool called Smore, which lets you easily design flyers such as this.  You can find out more at smore.com