"THE LIFE SAVER" (acid/base ind.)

A product focused on safety, effectivity, and affordability.

Why choose "The Life Saver"?

Our product is used in short, to identify whether a substance is a base or an acid. Practical uses can include trying to figure out how dangerous a substance is that is missing a label, as well as testing to find a substance's pH level in comparison to other known values.
My indicator product

What to know?

As the pH # increases, the color goes from grapefruit red, to a light red, to a purple, on to a darker blue and finally reaching a dark green. The opposite applies as you decrease the pH level from a grapefruit red to a light red and etcetera. Simply find your color in relation to the ones listed and compare where it lies in relation to the other colors. The 2 extremes are dark green and grapefruit red, the dark green indicating a very strong base and the grapefruit red indicating a stronger acid ( EVEN STRONGER acids were not available to show in my demonstration of the product).

Want more info?

When we add an acid to our red cabbage + water solution, we add in in hydrogen molecules which causes the indicator to change shape (Molecularly) and reflect red wavelengths, making the solution appear red. If we add a strong base, we have now instead a high amount of hydroxide molecules causing the shape of the indicator to change color and reflect green (or sometimes yellow) light.

Our Caring Support Team

If you have any questions about our product, we will do everything in our power to give you the answers you deserve fast, in as little as 24 hours! No great product comes without just as great a team. Email us anytime at TheLifeSaver@product.com