Find Your Most Vibrant Self!

Come to our weekend retreat in northern Michigan

Business Strategy + Holistic Psychology

“Powerful Purposeful Living” is a weekend retreat where change-makers and booty-shakers can remove the blocks to living their most authentic life. We’ll use the principles of business design plus holistic depth psychology to explore Self-Love and Self-Mastery and gain access to flow states.

This unforgettable experience will take place from June 12-14 at Song of the Morning retreat, a serene yoga community in the gorgeous wilderness of Northern Michigan. Presented by business strategist Laine Laroche and holistic facilitator/counselor Nick Meador. Don’t miss out!

Purposeful Powerful Living: Weekend Retreat

Friday, June 12th, 8pm to Sunday, June 14th, 6pm

9607 East Sturgeon Valley Road

Vanderbilt, MI

We all have blocks that prevent us from living our truest truth. Most of us are aware of these blocks because they cause us pain and prevent us from connecting to others in the way we would like. Self-doubt, anxiety, confusion and fear are the result.

You and your loved ones know that every part of your life deserves your most vibrant Self. Come on an adventure with us in the pristine wilderness of Northern Michigan, and learn methods you can use to remove blocks to living your most authentic life. Get in touch with your center of power. Gain confidence at home and in business.

This is a retreat for changemakers and booty-shakers. Using cutting-edge business and lifestyle design plus holistic depth psychology, we will develop tools for getting in touch with our inner guides, in all areas of life. Entrepreneurial expertise will be strengthened by tapping into the wisdom of dreams and the body. We’ll explore Self-love and Self-mastery to gain access to flow states, as an individual, leader, and part of a team. We’ll experience individual, partner, and group exercises designed to build communications and awareness skills for enacting the new paradigm.

This is a true investment in your Self. You will spend your weekend at Song of the Morning retreat, which is a serene yoga community in the gorgeous wilderness of Northern Michigan, surrounded by like minded individuals. All accommodation options include two vegetarian meals per day (Saturday and Sunday). Home-brewed kombucha (made by Nick) and some snacks offered by presenters.


June 12-14, 2015
Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat
9607 E. Sturgeon Valley Road
Vanderbilt, MI 49795

Laine Laroche is a business strategist who is redefining how humans relate to work. Her mission is to encourage entrepreneurs to connect to their sense of purpose and core values. She provides clients with the tools to create sustainable income and build the new economy. Laine helps leaders create intrinsically motivated cultures. She enjoys creating pipelines that give teams the safety and freedom to work in a state of psychological flow – i.e., in their most mindful, productive state.

Nick Meador is a holistic counselor and facilitator who leads awareness and communications trainings. Nick studied at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. Process Work is an awareness paradigm that sees opportunities for growth and transformation in the disturbances and mysteries we find in dreams, body symptoms, and our interpersonal lives. He draws inspiration from Nonviolent Communication, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and related systems to synthesize his own healing methods.