Dargels Coffee Shop

Buy One Watermelon Get One Free

Our shop sells the best coffee in town

We have a special machine That makes our coffee. Alex Dargel made this machine so everyone can have a nice cup of iced coffee or hot coffee.Also our shop is open 24 hours a day so you can be satisfied all day with the new Dargels coffee shop.We sell baked goods like cookies,cupcakes,cake,ect.

Coming soon

Coming soon a new farm/Alex Dargels Creating a new farm it is coming out in 2016 Dargels farm there is going to be an ice cream shop Also cows/pigs/goats/sheep even more goats/dinosaurs and more!!!

Dargels movie theater

Coming soon in 2017 Dargels movie theater $20 for each person.We will sell popcorn, candy and we're even going to install an arcade.
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Buy one pear get one pear free

Anything $5 you get 1 of anything you want for free