HAWC Team Meeting Update

18 Feb, 2016


Clothesline Project | Jane and Zena | 25 Feb | Campion and Bell Lobbies

  • Tasks are currently in the TBTN folder.
  • Zena is ordering shirts and markers.
  • People in attendance: Aitana, Sheri, Brenna (maybe), Victoria and Taylor. Please let Jane know if you are able to attend! This is a fairly simple event to go to so if you have the time and feel comfortable, Jane would love for you to go!

Eating Disorders | Jane

  • Jane apologizes for being behind on this! She will begin doing research this week.

De-Stress With Dogs | Jane | 2 March | STCN 160

  • Four people have returned Jane's emails in regard to dogs. More emails will be sent shortly.
  • Tasks for this event are under DSWD --> DSWD WQ 16 in the Google Drive. These tasks are still subject to change depending on the number of people that can attend.
  • Current attendance: Helena (1 - 2:15), Victoria (1 - 2), Brenna (2 - 2:15), Aitana (12:45 - 2:15), Taylor (11:30 - 12: 20), Zena (clean up), Jane (11:30 - 2), Jazz (11:30 - 1), Hope (11:30 - 2:15)
  • If you can come for even 30 minutes, please do so (and let Jane know)! Tasks for this event are stretched thin and help is definitely needed!

Take Back the Night | Sheri and Taylor | 7 April | STCN 160

  • The Jolly Lounge has been added to our reservation as a space for students to privately debrief or be present in. Please come prepared to the meeting with thoughts about how to best utilize this space!
  • ALL COMMITTEES: please come prepared with updates on your progress! Thank you :)

PHE Mental Health Dialog Circle Series | Victoria | TBD

  • Victoria is working on finalizing plans for the PHE Mental Health Dialog Circle Series. She is hoping to plan three weekly gatherings in the HAWC office with each session dedicated to one of the three mental health topics we discussed in last week's team meeting: Loss/Grief, Depression and Suicide. She is picturing having an hour set aside, at the same time, for three weeks in a row, where any student can coem into our office and join a "dialog" circle.
  • Will need one or two PHEs present to help facilitate and ask guided questions.
  • Victoria is planning on working with a graphic designer as soon as possible to develop a poster advertising the three dates and three topics covered.
  • Please come prepared to the meeting with feedback about this idea! Victoria is open to other suggestions about approaching this topic with SU students.