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Winding Up to Finish 2015-2016 Strong!

The CCP team continues to work hard keeping the goal of NAC Accreditation in sight. Most staff have over 40 hours of logged training for this school year. We have nine staff who earned their Child Development Associate Credential, with four more awaiting their assessor observation and credentialing test to be scheduled. Classroom Observations are complete and all CCP training documentation has been transferred to the official NAC form. The required accreditation packet should be ready to submit to the Accreditation Commission before the end of May. The next step would then be a scheduled NAC visit in the fall.

ANNOUNCING: 2016-2017 LEISD CCP Registration Enrollment Plans

This year, instead of asking currently enrolled families to join us for an Enrollment Meeting, we are setting aside the week of April 11-15 for you to drop by at your convenience and complete the Registration Agreement - then, be on your way! We have had many calls already regarding enrollment so by completing the paperwork early you will be guaranteed your child's placement for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. The formal meeting will then be reserved for all interested families who would be new to the program.

Here are the basic updates: 1) once the Board approves the new school start times for student arrival we will confirm our Hours of Operation for next year to coincide with the campus needs; 2) daily rates will increase $2.00 per day; 3) the Registration Fee will decrease; and 4) family supply list purchases will be replaced with an Annual Classroom Supply Fee. All tuition and fees will continue to be spread out over payroll periods.

Please feel free to email me any questions.