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Erosion, Weathering, and More... 12/1/15

What's Happening in Science?

Over the past few weeks in science class, students have been studying the changes that happen to earth's surface. Students studied erosion and methods for controlling erosion during the months of October and November. They designed, built and tested models for controlling erosion. The results of these experiments were displayed and shared by students in a variety of formats including scientific posters, power point slide shows, I-Movies, puppet shows, plays, raps, and a live advertisement. Recently, we began studying weathering and have completed two labs to demonstrate chemical and mechanical weathering. Check out the photos below for the labs in action. Also check out the links to the Next Generation Science Standards that will be guiding the future of your students science instruction.

Vocabulary terms to know

Below are a few of the vocabulary words your student should know. Ask them to tell you what they know about:

  • erosion
  • chemical weathering
  • mechanical weathering
  • abrasion
  • sediment
Online resource for science content...CK12.ORG

Click here to go to a free online textbook resource with information related to earth science topics and much more!!!


Check out the Next Generation Science Standards website.

Article about the next generation science standards.

This article is put out by the National Science Teacchers Association. It provides a nice overview of what to expect in your student science class I the coming years.

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