Counselor's Corner

December 2013 School Counseling Department Newsletter

School Counseling Program

This month Mrs. Gessner will be visiting first grade classes to continue to deliver lessons on friendship. The lessons will focus on making and keeping friends. The students will work together to generate the characteristics every good friend should have and through literature will learn effetive ways to solve problems. Mrs. Gessner will also be visiting Kindergarten. Those lessons will focus on tattling vs. telling and the difference between the two.

Mrs. Luhks will be visiting fourth grade classrooms to teach lessons on solving conflicts peacefully. The students will learn to use a problem solving model to come up with solutions to their conflicts (i.e., 1) define the problem, 2) brainstorm solutions, 3) choose a solution to try). Mrs. Luhks will also be visiting third grade. The students will discuss the book "Goodbye Bully Machine" and using knowledge from the story, the students will "break down" the bully machine.


As the holiday season approaches, stressors seem to sneak into an otherwise joyful time. Here are some helpful tips to get through the holidays.

~ Get plenty of rest. It is tempting to spend extra time at parties or events and then still get up early the next morning for work. But it is important to continue to get a good night's sleep each night. Anxiety attacks can happen more frequently if you do not get the proper rest.

~ As much as rest is important, eating healthy and continuing (or beginning) an exercise program to keep up a healthy lifestyle is important to keeping anxiety attacks minimal and under control.

~ If you are traveling by car to visit relatives, drive at off peak times to avoid traffic, consider resting during the day and driving after dinner instead of driving during the day.

~ Check the local newspaper for holiday concerts and events. These are normally low cost or free and can fit into anyone’s budget. Take your family to community events. Not only will you feel part of your community, but you will have enjoyed spending time with your family.

~ Take time out of the holiday events to spend an evening at home, quietly. Watch a movie with your family or just spend time being by yourself.

~ As hard as it is to maintain a routine during the holidays, it will may provide your family with a sense of security.

Enjoy your holiday season!

Mrs. Gessner & Mrs. Luhks