The Bandaged Bear Appeal

By Austin Lai

How Do We Help Kids?

This charity helps by supplying kids with fun activities and the charity also buys the latest medical equipment.

How Can People Help This Charity?

People can help by donating money and goods. You can also volunteer to help patients or you can set up a website for donating money to Westmead Childrens Hospital.

What Is Our Latest Project?

Lately there has been a new Clinical Services Wing in construction. The CSW will be a five storey building, the building also includes more wards and new medical equipment.

Four Of Our Interesting Facts

  1. Our Hospital has been helping many kids for 143 years!
  2. The first successful bone marrow transplant was preformed at our hospial.
  3. Each year we care for about 39 000 children.
  4. More than 100 children come to our Emergency Department every day.