The Giver Community

Compared To Our Community

How is The Giver Community Similar to The Real World?

I think that The Giver community is similar to our real world in very few ways. Most of the things that they have in common don't work the same way. For example: Birthdays, family, bikes, playing outside, school, you get a husband (if you are a woman) or a wife (if you are a man), and people get jobs. Birthdays, family, jobs, and school doesn't work the same way. Everyone has a birthday on the same day, you can't ride a bike until you are nine, you are assigned a family and spouse, and you get assigned a job when you are thirteen. In our community, people have different birthdays, you can choose a spouse and have a family if you want, you can learn to ride a bike at any age, and you can choose what job you want. Also, you have to go to school for that job.

What are the Main Differences in The Giver Community and The Real World?

What I said in the first paragraph is some of the main differences although they were similarities at the same time. Some differences that have barely any similarity are that they have no concept of death. Release is death but they just don't know that it is death. They have no color. They can only see black, white, and grey (none of those are actual colors). They have no feelings. Although they say things like "I feel angry," they aren't actually feeling that emotion. They are feeling a lesser emotion. They are never hurt. Although they can get hurt, the longest they have ever known pain is probably for about 5 minutes because they have a pill for pain. It is for you to heal faster. Their community is made into sameness. Sameness is what I have just described to you. Their community is made where everything is efficient and nobody gets hurt.

Why Do You Think That The Community Changed All These Things Into Sameness?

I think that they changed everything because they wanted no pain. They wanted everyone to be the same. They wanted life to be easier for people. I think the reason they took away cars is because they didn't want there to be any car wrecks or air pollution. They got rid of color because they didn't want people to be made fun of for what color they were wearing. I believe that they made release because they didn't want people to be afraid of dying all their life. People think that release is happy, but it's not. It's death. I believe that they got rid of different birthdays because it is easier to remember that one thing instead of remembering a lot of different birthdays. I believe they got rid of anger because they didn't want people to get angry and hurt someone or themselves. I think that they got rid of love because they didn't want someone to get their feelings hurt if someone loved somebody else at the same time. There is so many more things that they changed.