Technology 4 Teachers

a little info to help you out...

Current Recommended Browser

  • SchoolWires(webpages) - Use Chrome
  • Teacher Access Center (TAC) & eSchoolPlus - Always use Internet Explorer
  • Eduphoria - Use Chrome or Firefox
  • If a site is not working, copy the url, open another browser, and paste the url in the new browser to see if it works.

Midway Logins

  • Use your Midway network login for TAC, Outlook, Eduphoria, Schoolwires and Google (new this year!).
  • Change network password every 90 days. It will automatically change for all programs, except your iPad wifi and iPad email. You will have to update these passwords in your iPad Settings.
  • Students have Midway network logins that also provide them with email addresses and Google accounts. Let me know if you would like these now.
  • Please do not let anyone use the computer or iPad that you are logged into, including substitutes.

AUP & Directory

  • Parents can choose to decline to display student work online through the AUP portion of the online registration.

  • Parents can choose to decline to display their child's picture or videos through the Directory portion of the online registration.

Technology TEKS

  • The teacher is responsible for covering the technology TEKS 1-4 in their content area. Remember to document those TEKS in Forethought with your lesson plans.
  • For a Prezi on apps and sites to help with K-2 tech standards. (see below)
  • For a Prezi on apps and sites to help with 3-5 tech standards. (see below)

New Internet Filter


  • iBoss is the name of the new filter

    Submit a request within the blocked page to open up any links that you know should work or worked on the previous filter


Help Desk

  • New location to submit work orders
  • Go to Eduphoria: Help Desk
  • Click the button below for step-by step instructions
  • If you have a technology emergency, ask the lab assistant first, then ask me, finally call the IT desk #HELP (#4357)

Technology Check-out/ Facilities & Events

  • To check out cameras, flip cams, the smart table or to reserve the computer lab use Eduphoria: Facilities and Events.
  • Click on the button below for instructions to schedule lab time or check out equipment.


  • Remember to delete your schedule from last year BEFORE you begin inputting your lessons.

Web Pages

  • Make sure your webpage is up-to-date (old photos removed, times)
  • Webpage should include: Contact info, About Me page with photo of you, Schedule

Technology Projects and Classes

Ideas from the technology survey:
  • iPads
  • Twitter (@SVEmisd)
  • Google Docs
  • Socrative
  • Remind 101
  • Web design
  • Blog design
  • Edmodo

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