Should marijuana be Illegal?

By: Brianna Kokinda & Chansea Myers

Marijuana should be legal!

If marijuana was legal some pros would be it is a natural resource and comes from the earth and isn't mixed with any chemicals which makes it less harmful then normal cigarettes and drugs. People with sicknesses can take/smoke marijuana to get the munchies witch makes them eat it also is a pain reliever and a sleep aid and helps them sleep. Since it is less harmful it can be a substitute for other drugs and have a positive overall influence on people's health. By the age of 18 you are considered an adult and can buy cigarettes which means you should be able to smoke marijuana .

Marijuana should be illegal!

If marijuana was illegal some cons would be marijuana is a extremely addictive drug that is terrible for your mental and physical health. Marijuana causes people to die with lung cancer. It is bad for your brain, heart, lungs, and immune system. When people buy marijuana it is very costly and you might need the money you spent on marijuana for something more important. When people smoke marijuana the people around them can inhale the smoke which can cause damage to their heart and lungs. Sometimes when you buy marijuana the dealers can lace ( put other things in it) with other drugs which is way more harmful then marijuan by its self. When you soke marijuana it can possibly cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pain, and spasm.