Study Aides

Students with Disabilities

How can we help students with special needs study?

Our page will describe multiple study aides that you can implement for students with special needs. The tools range from online flashcards to educational games. We will incorporate images of the sites as well as a brief description. Have fun studying!

Resources and Examples

This is an awesome free online tool to help kids study spelling words. Students can insert their own spelling lists or use pre-loaded ones by grade level. It gives you a preview of the spelling list, and the skills used in the test. This is an awesome way to check and see where students are in terms of spelling, and great for parents too!


Quizlet is a great tool to create online flashcards. It is an awesome way to study for foriegn language tests because it includes a language converter. It allows you to flip from English to the foriegn language, or the foreign language to English. You can also keep track of all of the flashcards you make and sort them by your different classes. Great for students, teachers and parents!

Cyberchase from PBS Kids

This website has a variety of elementary math games that can be great study tools for students. It is a safe site and fun for kids, they won’t even know they are studying! Games can be a great way to encourage students to practice subjects they are struggling in at home.


Thinklinkr is a free service for collaboratively creating outlines. Users can invite collaborators to join into the outline at any point in the process and use a live chat while working. This would be a good way to work together with other classmates to study for a test or review a unit. Also, as the teacher you could require students to share the outline with you in order to check over their work. And it’s completely FREE.

Study Guides and Strategies

The Study Guides & Notes website gives great examples about what to include in guided notes for class. It literally walks you through the process of what to do before class to prepare the notes. What to write during the lecture in class, and then how to wrap it all up in the end. It also provides questions or suggestions that you can ask your teacher to help you be better prepared for upcoming quizzes and tests. This would be a great website to help someone learn how to write guided notes.

Evidence of This Strategy

INCIGHT Scholars | Study Habits/Skills for Students | Disability Resources for College & Employment

Specialized Training Needed

Education Technology Class

Teachers of any grade can make use of taking a class regarding technology in the classroom. This could include basic training, or complex use of computer programs and applications. We gained a lot from our "Technology in the Classroom" course, and used many of the skills we learned in that class to create this flyer and find our resources!

Using This Strategy

The Best of . . . Quizlet Activites & Mme Thomas
Teaching Outlining with Thinklinkr

Teacher Tips

  • Offer a variety of study methods; adapt study aides to personal students' needs.
  • Be flexible with your students. Allow them opportunities for extra help when studying.
  • Teach them how to study! Most students do not know how many methods and ways to study efficiently.
  • Help kids know what study tool is appropriate for different kinds of tests. For example, flash cards (Quizlet) are a great way to study for spelling tests.