christ the redemeer

christ redeemer

Christ the redeemer rio's biggest and most visited statue . It makes them millions a year on travelers. It was built to show their religious freedom and it is remarkable culture . its took along time to build and a lot of money . but the finished project is remarkable

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the making

it took a long time to build the christ the redeemer . it took approximately 5 years to build ( during the process of making that statue it got struct by lighting in its hand which made them spend more money and time on the statue ( ) .the statue took about 250,000 in 1931 to build they also had hire some guys from the community because there wasnt alot of artist to help. to this day 2015 it's rios main attraction ( .they worked 11-12 to get the statue done in five years !

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cool facts

Christ the redeemer attracts a lot of tourism it attracts over 180,000 . The statute makes money for other business like fast.

food and merchandise stores. People pay over 7 million dollars a year to visit , that's a lot of money every since the statue was made. over the years several constructions have been added on like it's chipped on the finger and it's starting to crack on the pedestal but that hasn't stopped people from visiting the tallest landmark in rio (travels

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why christ was built

They built the Christ the redeemer to show their religion . In the 1930s it was part of a religious movement that influence the word of God ( there while community were Christian .they wanted to build the biggest statue in rio it stands 98 feet tall with a 26 feet pedestal (

that's the reasons why christ of rio is so important to rio . it's important to many more people to .. its really a work of art

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