By: Jessica Crow


The population of Bolivia is 6,429,226. There are 2 capitals in Bolivia: Secure and LaPaz. The Bolivian school education time is split into 2 shifts (morning and afternoon) so everything is compressed and there is little time for things that make education pleasurable. The currency name for Bolivia is Bolivian boliviano (BOB). Bolivia allows children to work from the age of 10 as long as they also attend school and are self employed. There are a lot of jobs that are in Bolivia some are different volunteering jobs, you could get a job as a teacher, you could be a medical assistant and many more. The weather temperatures can range from 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit. "There are nearly three dozen different indigenous cultures in Bolivia, each with its own set of beliefs and customs, and many of these still worship or pay homage to their ancestral deities." " In Bolivia there are vast forests carpeting the lowlands and ascending the slopes of the Andes. Equally spectacular are the huge expanses of open, tree-covered savannahs and dry deserts of the Altiplano."
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Fun Facts

Over 60 percent of Bolivia's people are Indian. There are a lot of things to do at home. For example you can go to lake taticaca. It's the second largest lake in South America. Bolivia has food like we do but there most popular foods are corn, potatoes, and beans. There are a bunch of different places you can find in Bolivia. For example the Irish pub is like a 2nd home for travelers kind of like a motel. Another example is café Sol y Luna which is a place for people to just hang out get coffee or a snack and chat. The sports that are played in Bolivia are soccer, Bolivian Football, conmebol and many more. Bolivia is about the same size as Texas but Texas is a little over half the size of Bolivia. In Bolivia, there are a bunch of animals that are like what we have in the U.S. the most popular animal in Bolivia is the guanaco. Other animals include the giant otter, the chinchilla, and many more. There are a lot of famous people from Bolivia. 1 person would be Maria Fernanda Álvarez who was a famous tennis player who achieved the highest International Tennis Federation ranking. Another person would be Paulo Víctor Aguilera, he has been the Latin American BMX champion fourteen times, the world champion five times, and the national champion innumerable times in this sport, which he has practiced since he was 3 years old. Katherine Moreno was a professional swimmer. She has had more successes in national championships, in which she’s been competing since she was eleven years old. If I went to Bolivia I would want to go to Laguna Verde which is a beautiful lake that is at the foot of volcano licancabur. Santa Cruz is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. El Alto is the highest major metropolis in the world.