LED Tube Lights

How to Use and Select LED Tube Lights?

LED tube lamps have begun to gradually enter the offices, shopping malls, underground parking, which save a lot of electricity, but also contributes to energy saving. More and more units and schools begin to replace the traditional fluorescent lamps with led tube lighting. Ruizi Light Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the use purchase precautions for LED lamp in the following article.

1. Do prior closed treatment if LED tube lights are used in humid environments
Since LED tube lamp is indoor lighting, to facilitate the replacement of parts, it generally does not do water treatment. The inside part of LED tube light is a closed space, it will be difficult to discharge once the humid air enters, so the water vapor gather more and more, which will corrode the inside electrical components over time, and may cause a short circuit and damage the inside electrical components, or cause a fire.

2. Prevent surge current
In the circuit, high-power motors, welding machines, large electrical equipment and other environment will have inrush current, which will generally exceed LED power regulator circuit's ability to regulate, then it may cause shock, and malfunction. This failure is usually exceeded the national standard pressure, the led tube manufacturers are not entitled to compensate, this will lead to unnecessary loss of customers, but also have adverse consequences for the LED lights company's reputation, so when using LED lights in the above environment, it's better to install the appropriate regulator adjustment device in advance.

3. Do not disassemble LED tube
Because currently available LED tube lamps mostly use non-isolated power supply, once open LED tubes, electric shock may occur. In addition, in the process of disassembly, the wires or solder will be damaged.

4. Check and replace existing tube lamp shade
Since many customers call in response to emission reduction and energy-saving reconstruction, replacing the old mercury-containing fluorescent with eco-friendly LED tube light, but they still use the original lamp shade. The lamp shade will conduct short circuit, the lamp hose detachment fault over time, which will become a potential security risk. Therefore, you need to check and replace the original shade.

5. DC or AC power supply
If you have experienced electricians, you can consider using unified DC power supply, switching power supply can be used generally, but it should be noted that if you can only open part of the LED tube light, to prevent over-current phenomenon. The benefit is more efficient, more convenient for maintenance, and the tube will not extinguish due to power failure.