The Happiest Country: Sweden

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Sweden's climate is pretty cold overall. In summer the temperature is around 13 to 17 degrees celsius. In North Sweden snow starts to fall in late October, but in South Sweden snow starts to fall in December and ends in April. Even though it is very cold in Sweden you have many different activity's you can do over the winter. Also in Sweden you have a lot of sun light, the sun does not set until it is 10:30
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Health Care/ Life Expectancy

The health care in Sweden is also one of the best. Everyone has equal access to health care. Sweden has over 61 hospitals and also health care is free itself. Sweden's health care is ranked 23 out of 193 other country's. In 2013 the average life expectancy was 84 years for women and 80 years for men. In 2060 the life expectancy is estimated to be around 89 years for women and 87 years for men. Thats 5 more years to live for women and 7 for men!

Economy/ Income

The economy in Sweden is a mixed economy so that means everyone in Sweden has a lot of freedom. Also since Sweden has a mixed economy the government is trying to end poverty by taking control of major resources. In Sweden the average income per capita is 27,456 USD a year. Sweden has one of the best benefits in the world. Parents get a total of 480 parental days for each child. For most of those days parents will earn 80% of a salary of up to roughly $45,000 per year, which in Sweden is very good money. Also The country's GDP is roughly 558.9 billion USD.


Sweden is one of the safest country's in the world. In the last 4 years Sweden only had 9 deaths out of 1,000 people. If you compare this to the US, the US has 24 deaths out of 1,000 people. Also the crime rate in Sweden is 0.89%. Also Sweden provides any basic necessity's that you need for your home such as beds from all the trees they have (69% of forestry). pots, pans, forks, etc (iron ore). Also many people in Sweden live with one or more family's in their house which is good because they can talk to each other and they can do activity's together which prevents stress and depression.


Most of Sweden's food is local fresh grown food which is more healthier for your body than frozen or shipped food because frozen or shipped foods have many different chemicals to preserve their food.

Land Uses/ Natural Resources

Most of Sweden's land is heavily forested, with 69% of the country being forest and woodland which is amazing because many people can go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Also the farms only use 8% of land. Sweden's main natural resources include copper, gold, iron ore, lead, silver, timber, uranium, and zinc.


Sweden's waste management is one of the best in the world. Why? because more than 99% of all household waste is recycled in one way or another, and how does this make us happy? It makes us happy because more recycling means less landfills, protects wild life, and it saves energy.
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Community Pattern

Sweden has a higher urban population than a rural population. The urban population for Sweden is 7,869,504 while the rural population is 1,423,522. Also since Sweden is a clustered country people can communicate more with each other which causes more relationships and keeps more people happy.