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May 2-6th 2016

Why should my child read 20 minutes a day?

I know the reading log can be an after thought and a last priority on the list of many things you and your family need to fit in your evening and weekends. Please Read the article above to learn more about "Why your child should read 20 min per day"

This Weeks Agenda

Hobart History Unit

Over the next several weeks we will be learning about our city of Hobart, from the Pottawatomie Indians to the current Mayor and city government. Your child will receive a Hobart History Journal to document vocabulary, dates, facts and important details as well as a copy of the Hobart History book. At the end of the unit we will go on a walking tour of the city and a presentation from the Hobart Historical Society. SEE Event information below!

It is VERY important that your child keep up with lessons and reading in class as well as at home. This is a long unit and and I will take grades on the journal weekly. There will also be several quizzes throughout the unit.

This weeks Hobart History (HH) agenda:

Monday - HH homework page #3 due Tuesday

Tuesday - in class reading and journal work, review #3 homework

Wednesday- Homework - Indiana State map study guide

Thursday - HH state map quiz in class

Friday - using a map grid, complete in class

Learning Goals:

Students describe how significant people, events and developments have shaped their own community and region; compare their community to other communities in the region in other times and places; and use a variety of resources to gather information about the past.

Historical Knowledge 3.1.1 Identify and describe Native American Woodland Indians who lived in the region when European settlers arrived. Example: Miami, Shawnee, Kickapoo, Algonquian, Delaware, Potawatomi and Wyandotte

3.1.2 Explain why and how the local community was established and identify its founders and early settlers.

3.1.3 Describe the role of the local community and other communities in the development of the state’s regions.

3.1.4 Give examples of people, events and developments that brought important changes to your community and the region where your community is located. Example: Developments in transportation, such as the building of canals, roads and railroads, connected communities and caused changes in population or industry. Chronological Thinking, Historical Comprehension, Analysis and Interpretation, Research

3.1.5 Create simple timelines that identify important events in various regions of the state.

3.1.6 Use a variety of resources to gather information about your region’s communities; identify factors that make the region unique, including cultural diversity, industry, the arts and architecture. Example: Libraries, museums, county historians, chambers of commerce, Web sites, and digital newspapers and archives

3.1.7 Distinguish between fact and fiction in historical accounts by comparing documentary sources on historical figures and events with fictional characters and events in stories. Example: Compare fictional accounts of the exploits of George Washington and John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) with historical accounts; Compare a piece of historical fiction about Abraham Lincoln or Harriet Tubman with a primary source

3.1.8 Describe how your community has changed over time and how it has stayed the same. Example: Shawnee villages in Southern Indiana and Conner Prairie settlement 3.1.9 Define immigration and explain how immigration enriches community. We are a nation of immigrants; we have been heavily influenced by immigration since before the Revolutionary War

Envisions Math Place Value, Comparing Numbers, Rounding

We will continue to take Multiplication Sunday quizzes everyday - Please keep practicing Mult. facts!

Monday: Comparing Numbers

Tuesday: No Homework - Place Value Quiz - Unit 18 Multi digit Multiplication Pre Test

Wednesday: no homework - Lesson 18-6 traditional Algorithm method

Thursday: homework- Lesson 18-6 traditional Algorithm method continued

Friday: 2 digit X 2 digit multiplication - No Homework

M.T.W.TH. spiral review

**Please check your child's planner each night for specific daily homework.

Continue to have kids login to www.Multiplcation.com to practice their facts

username: firstnamelastinitial46342 password : lunch number. practicing facts with flash cards, online games or timed tests is a great way to learn facts. Mastered facts should be as fluent as recognizing your name.

Reading - Novel Study " The Tale of Despereaux"

We will be reading T of D over the next few weeks in class and completing a reading journal each day.

All will be done in class.

There will not be a Journey's test this week, due to novel study.

spelling/phonics - Vowel sounds in spoon and wood. Phonics homework given daily this week and Test Friday

Learning Goals:

Reading: 3.RL.1 Read and comprehend a variety of literature within a range of complexity appropriate for grades 2-3. By the end of grade 3, students interact with texts proficiently and independently.

3.RL.2.1Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.

Upcoming Events

Hobart History Walking Tour

Tuesday, May 24th, 9am-2:30pm

Downtown Hobart and The Hobart Historical Society

permission Slips are coming home today, Please complete form and return before May 19th.

$2.00 admission fee due for Historical Society

Please let me know if you will be volunteering to chaperon this trip.

Multiplication Sunday

Wednesday, June 1st, 12:45-2:15pm

JM 3rd Grade Pod

We will begin taking 2 min Multiplication tests 0's to 12"s .

As they successfully complete each test, they will earn a coupon for their Ice Cream Sunday June 1st.

You will be receiving a Parent letter and information about this event in your child's mail this week.

Sign up online Here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rHLsQSZs5NoUNXr62jS0cc7-rmOVe0Pj4xY42MDYZ7E/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true

Important Daily Times

Arrive at School: 8:45 am (Late Start 9:10)

Attendance is Taken: 8:55 (Late Start 9:15)

Recess/Lunch: 10:55-11:35

Specials: 12:35-1:25

Dismissal: 3:20-3:35

Online Classroom Tools

IDOE College and Career Reading Standards

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IDOE College and Career Math Standards

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Classroom Dojo

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Scholastic Book Club

Use Classroom code MHBGR to order online. Next book order will go through on March 16th, 2015