My self

Ashley Lara

My health

What I want to accomplish during high school is understand better my academic classes and challenge my self more in my academic classes. After high school I see my self going to college and working in a part time job. In my late 20's I see myself working in a hospital. 3 things I need to do to improve my health is exercise, eat more healthy, and take more care about my self. At home I like to watch TV, an at school I like to learn more new things. The people I like to hangout with are more serious, mature, and funny. I am good at playing the violin. A quality I like about my self is that I am nice and quiet, and a quality I'd like to change is to be more sociable. Something new that I will like to try is to play a sport or just start exercising more often. Some negatives that I have about my self is that I don't eat healthy, and I don't exercise at all. Some positives that I have about my self is that I'm good at my mental and emotional health.
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