Fit Pro Sport

By: Ethan Martineau

Fit Pro Sport

The name of my app is Fit Pro Sport. I think it is a user friendly app because you can chose how much you do and you can push yourself to your limits. I would recommend this app to people who want to work out there muscles, but don't know ways how to do it.

Why I chose this app: I chose this app because it got my eye when I was on the app store. I also chose it because it was one of the top fated fitness apps so I tried it out and I liked it and I don't really hate anything about it.

What I found about it: The app has a light/free version and a full version. If you ever log off the app you can save your progress instead of starting over and doing it non stop. You would like to use this app if you are having trouble with recording your workouts or if you don't know ways to strengthen your muscles.

Big image

The picture above shows that you can save and continue your workouts

To log on to this app you don't need to put in any personal information. Middle schools students could benefit from this app because it is quick and easy to get on and start a workout and continue it if you don't have time to do it all at once.